Aprenda a hablar y escuchar sin problemas estudiando fonética

Something about us

We are a new school with a new system focusing on pronunciation & accent. If you tried before other schools and you are frustrated with your speaking, you should try our method, if you never study before this is your best option.

Pronunciation & Accent

We focus in your pronunciation and accent from the very beginning.

We are innovative

our system is based on Spanish and English languages making linguistic and phonetic contrasts.


We use the best learning materials, books, videos, audio, and our own training site.

Acento & Pronunciación

Nos enfocamos en pronunciación y acento desde el principio para garantizar resultados a corto plazo.


Nuestro sistema se basa en el contraste linguistico y fonético de español e inglés.

Herramientas de Trabajo

Usamos los mejores materiales de aprendizaje, libros, videos, audio, y nuestro propio sitio de entrenamiento.

Bilingual teachers

As we are bilingual, we handle two languages perfectly, this allows us to develop an innovative teaching system focused on linguistic and phonetic contrasts that no one else will teach you.

Contrastive analysis

It is a very useful tool to know the differences and similarities between two languages. We make comparisons between Spanish and English emphasizing pronunciation and accent.

Total inmersion

Total immersion in the study language, from the first class you are exposed to the study language, but don't worry your teacher will be able to help you through the difficulties you encounter. Remember we are bilingual.


Let us explain to you what are able to do

About Us

What our clients say

Our clients are our guarantee

Juris Grosskreutz

Juris Grosskreutz

I'm not only learn Spanish, but also a lot about South America culture

Blake Trask

Blake Trask

I realy felt they are the best spanish teachers ever

Elizabeth Binge

Elizabeth Binge

The teachers used excellent examples to explain difficult concepts

Melisa Edwards

Melisa Edwards

It's a new school but they are well experienced teachers